WhatIs On-page Seo

Every SEO strategy is focused on ranking as high as possible in the search engines. To do this, we all try to design and develop a website that Google’s secret algorithm will love. That’s basically what SEO is about. The factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into ...
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Adding Domain In User Portal

After importing your website content you will need to add your domain in the User Portal under the ‘Domains’ section. This will link your domain name with your WordPress installation hosted on WP Engine. If you are following along on the Migration Checklist in the User Portal ...
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Hassle-Free Automated Migration

It looks like you are ready to move your site over to the WPready platform. When you choose WPUltimate Package it offers WPEngine's automated migration tool, powered by BlogVault, makes moving your WordPress install to WP Engine extremely easy! Let’s get started on how to use the ...
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WordPress Site Migration is A Breeze With This Tool

It is nightmarish to imagine that you see the blue screen of death (or some other internal error that has caused the WordPress migration process to go awry) when you are just minutes away from completing the migration of a client site. You would never like even ...
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Difference between WP Time Capsule and InfiniteWP’s Backup Feature?

If you check out the WP Time Capsule website, you will see that everything about WPTC is different from IWP in all aspects. WPTC has a lot of features that are focussed on backups, auto-updates and security areas whereas InfiniteWP remains to be the multiple management solution. ...
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Why Is WPTC As A Standalone Product When InfiniteWP Has Backup Addons?

InfiniteWP was built with the idea of being a multiple website management solutions. It wasn’t built as an out and out a backup solution. The technology and the architecture that InfiniteWP is built on, restricts us from making radical changes such as implementing incremental backups or putting ...
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