Enabling Auto-Updates Used To Be Risky Business, Not Any More!

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been an enormous surge in the number of defaced websites. Approximately 2 million WordPress pages were affected by the REST-API vulnerability. WordPress has fixed this with their latest release 4.7.2. To avoid being hacked, you can harden your website, ...
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Why Choose WPEngine?

WPEngine is a premium managed hosting service for websites and blogs powered by WordPress. WPEngine is one of the biggest, fully-managed hosting services exclusively specialized in WordPress having more than 30,000 users in more than 120 countries. WPEngine hosting comes with stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service. ...
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Highly Scalable Architecture

Your visitors are smart but impatient. And if your site is slow, they’ll move their business elsewhere. But with WPready, your visitors stay. Here sites run four to six times faster on our unique front-end technology than on normal hosting environment. Our customers benefit from the same ...
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How We Count “Visits”

he WPUltimate Package has a certain number of “visits” that they can receive every month. Since this plan is hosted with WPEngine. Its Overage Pricing applies to this Package. Our pricing is partially based on the number of monthly visits to your site, so we’d better have ...
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How does a CDN work?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that can help the static content on your site (images, CSS, Javascript) load much more quickly. A CDN is a collection of servers located all around the world. When a browser loads static content, the request is automatically routed ...
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EVERCACHE™ Speed and Scalability

EVERCACHE SPEED AND SCALABILITY Like any web application, WordPress hosting can be hard to scale. Get a traffic spike from a successful social media campaign or get on the Huffington Post and you’ll start to worry that your server might go down due to the load— at exactly ...
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