Automatic WordPress Backup and Disaster Recovery

BREATHE EASY. YOUR DATA AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES ARE PRESERVED WITH BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY SOLUTIONS. INSTANT BACKUP AND RESTORE WITH SNAPSHOT BACKUPS If you’ve ever hesitated to change your site out of fear of making a costly mistake, you’ll love snapshot backups. A snapshot is a backup ...
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Security measures to protect from malicious attacks

Strong security measures enable website protection while running your website at peak performance. Understanding the WP Engine security measures will give you the freedom to develop and operate your website within the scope of our secured environment. This document is designed to give you an overview of ...
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Should I send an email blast with WordPress and WPEngine?

Recently, we’ve had a few customers ask about using WordPress to send emails and whether that works well on WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform.  It’s a good question, and there are a number of plugins on the market that make it very easy to use WordPress as ...
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Site Backups – How To Make, Restore, and Download A Backup Point in WPE portal

The WP Engine platform has an automatic backup feature to help ensure that your data is kept safe. These daily backup points can be accessed by visiting the WP Engine user portal, clicking on your install name and then clicking on “backup points.” These backup points contain ...
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Complete List of Disallowed Plugins

These are the files and folders that we explicitly searching for when we scan for disallowed plugins. You can compare this against your “wp-content/plugins/” directory to check for conflicts. adminer async-google-analytics backup backup-scheduler backupwordpress backwpup bad-behavior broken-link-checker content-molecules contextual-related-posts duplicator dynamic-related-posts ewww-image-optimizer ezpz-one-click-backup file-commander fuzzy-seo-booster gd-system-plugin gd-system-plugin.php ...
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With over 40,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, we only forbid a relative handful. There are pretty good odds that if you want to use a plugin on WPEngine infrastructure, you can! It’s your blog after all. But what about the disallowed plugins? These plugins have been shown to ...
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