Keyword research

Before writing content, you’ll have to decide what terms you want to be found for. You’ll have to get inside people’s heads and find out what words they use while searching. Eventually, you can use exactly these terms in your content and make sure you start ranking for them. Keyword research is the first step in…

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Website Traffic

Free Tools to Automate Your Site Growth Get More Customers The Most Effective Email Capture Pop-ups don’t have to suck. Especially when they’re this good. With List Builder, you create beautiful pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and before people leave. Get More Traffic Get 20% More Visitors Share brings more visitors to your pages…

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Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Features REDIRECT MANAGER This allows you to create and manage redirects from within your WordPress install, allowing you to easily redirect old URLs to new ones, and solve common issues. This is especially powerful because of the combination with the Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) integration. Built for scale, this redirect…

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