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About the WPready services

What do you get with the WPready Platform? What’s included?

Don’t be surprised by the low pricing, friendly interface of the WPready Platform. Included are all the best and powerful services you had ever wished to buy, but high pricing played you down. Not anymore now. We have bundled Every Best thing for your WordPress site or blog. You can build, host, maintain, secure and promote your WordPress powered website or blog Under One Roof, here at WPready!

See All the great Features you get with WPready Packages

The WPready Platform includes everything you need to:

  • Establish your site on the best WordPress Hosting: WPEngine;
  • WordPress Management Platform to manage all your sites;
  • The top 30 Premium WordPress Themeforest themes to choose from;
  • The Best SEO Yoast Premium Plugin for on-page optimization;
  • The Best Website Traffic Generation Tools from;
  • The Best WordPress Tutorials from WP101, Now learn and be an WordPress expert;
  • The Best Website Security from SITELOCK, No compromise on website security;

And all that power is delivered with a beautiful interface where you’ll have all your tools within easy reach to manage all your sites, in one place.

You’ll also have all the support you need with:

  • A helpful Hosting Support Team;
  • WordPress Expert at service to help you migrate your site;
  • A top-notch Support team standing at the ready to assist you if you get stuck

You won’t be on your own: we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How much does WPready cost?

You can choose one of the 3 WPready Packages:

WPUltimate $37/mo;
WPPrepium $27/mo;
WPBusiness $17/mo

You get 2 months free subscription when you pay yearly.

Do you offer DNS and email?

DNS, email, and hosting are three separate services that should be serviced by best of breed providers. In fact, savvy webmasters purposefully separate email, domains, nameservers, and hosting under the “No single point of failure” doctrine. WPready provides high performance, managed WordPress hosting from WPEngine.

We, and many of our clients, rely on solutions such as Zimbra or Microsoft Mailing solutions for email. Check with us for recommendations that work well for your situation.

What kind of back-end access do you provide?

WPready provides a full Customer Care where we interact with our clients. We also provide SFTP access, SSH access if requested (on WPUltimate and WPPremium Packages), and full access to PHPMyAdmin. You also have full usage of your WordPress back end without permissions-based restrictions.

We do not offer cPanel, for WPUltimate Packages since it is hosted on WPEngine. For other two Packages namely WPPremium and WPBusiness Packages, we do offer cPanel. cPanels are most often used for modifying DNS and managing email accounts.

Do you provide migration services?

Yes! We look at site migrations as more than just an opportunity to move your site to WPready Platform. We believe that each migration is indeed an opportunity to clean your site, tune it up, and lock it down.

That is why we have set up a special team of experts here at WPready to provide full-service WordPress migrations to WPready hosting platform, customers for a fixed fee of just $99.

Please note that Migration, de-hacking, and site clean-ups are professional services included in WPUltimate Package only and that can be requested via our 24/7/365 Support Desk.

Read more details about our migration services.

How many sites are included in one WPready account?

Your first website is included in the initial price. Each additional site is offered for a highly progressive discounted price.

Can I use subdomains or hostnames like

Absolutely! If your subdomain is going to be used to host a separate WordPress site, you will need to be sure that you have the additional paid site in your account. If the subdomain or host name is a point to an external site, our Support team will just setup the target IP Address or CNAME value. And to get the full performance-enhancing aspects of WPready you are advised to use our DNS servers. Simply contact Support and we’ll help you get it done.

Can I change the look and feel of my site?

WPready comes with WPUltimate Packages ready with 30+ Top HTML5 responsive designs from Themeforest to choose from, most of which have multiple color variations. Plus, you can easily configure your header image, background color, menus, widget placement etc.

Other WPready Packages; WPPremium and WPBuisness, have option to avail of services for Theme and Demo content setup. These two packages include most of the top 5 WordPress Theme providers theme to choose from. If you need even more customization options, you can make that happen with the built-in CSS editor or avail of Design services.

Can I install my own theme?

You sure can. Once you’ve taken created an account with us, simply submit your theme along with the license details to WPready support for review and approval. If approved, we’ll load your custom theme into your WPready site for you.

Can I install plugins?

With over 40,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, we only forbid a relative handful. There are pretty good odds that if you want to use a plugin on our infrastructure, you can! It’s your blog after all.

But what about the disallowed plugins? These plugins have been shown to clash with the solutions that are part of our service offerings. Most of them fall into a few different classes of plugins.

Read More

Are WPready Themes drag-and-drop website builder?

Your WPready Platform website offers you the highest selling themes of Top 10 theme providers to choose from. So you are never short of beautiful themes as a solid design foundation. You can simply do customizations to match your vision or ask our Team of Experts for Theme Customization services here.

Do you want or need complete design freedom? It is like working with your own professional designer at WPready to create a stunning website design.

Is SSL included?

Yes. You can request an SSL certificate in your Account Portal once you are ready. After approval, just contact Support and we will take care of the rest.

What if I want to leave?

Canceling your account, just like any of our features is a very simple task. If you would like to cancel your account, you will first need to log into your control panel. The process can be easier for some than others, so let’s walk through it real quick.

Your WPready site consists of all the content you create, the members you sign up, the lists you build, and your domain. This always belongs to you and can be moved whenever you please.

Moving your content and domain is a simple process, especially if you are going to another WordPress environment. Simply export your content out of WPready, change your domain name to point to your new WordPress hosting, import your content to your new site, and cancel your WPready account in your customer portal.

It is important to note that the WPready Platform consists of more than one service, including hosting, WorPress Management Platform, Themes, Plugins and Traffic tools that allow you to develop powerful features-rich websites. These tools may not be available in other solutions, in one place under one roof. And the ease of transferring WPready-powered websites will vary depending on where you’re moving to. If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact Support.

We’re looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting solution. Why should we consider WPready?

We have bundled Every Best thing for your WordPress site or blog. You can build, host, maintain, secure & promote your WordPress powered website or blog Under One Roof, here at WPready!

See All the great Features you get with WPready Packages

WPEngine is the industry leader in managed WordPress hosting. Our WordPress hosting partner keeps sites fast, scalable, and secure. Their team has spent years perfecting their WordPress hosting platform. Every feature, from EverCache and staging sites to GeoIP and one-click SSL, has been built specifically for WordPress users. WP Engine has more than 125 full-time WordPress support experts that work in shifts around the clock to help our customers tackle tough WordPress issues. If you hit any snags with your site, our team is here to help you through it, by phone, email or live chat.

Our WordPress sites have been hacked in the past. How does WPready secure my sites?

When it comes to security patches and WordPress core updates, WPready is proactive in keeping your site secure with automatic updates. We also perform proactive security and malware scans to ensure that all WordPress sites running on WPready are free from intrusions. Whether it’s a security update for a popular plugin or emergency maintenance due to an issue with a data center, WPready’s technical support team will ensure you’re the first to know if your site is impacted by a security risk. You can sleep easily knowing that the WPready team strives to provide the most secure WordPress hosting solution.

Here you can know more about our SECURITY ENVIRONMENT

How much space/bandwidth do we get for our podcasts, media, etc.?

10GB Local Storage is allocated to WPUltimate Package. 25K Visits per month is allowed under WPUltimate Package and in terms of Bandwidth No limit is placed on data transfers.

Do you offer support?

Of course, YES! We have a team of friendly WordPress & Hosting experts ready to answer your questions and solve any problems that may come along. Simply use the Support form in your site dashboard under the Help section.

We are available 24x7 for your hosting related support. We always try to answer all queries asap. For support other than hosting we respond mostly within 24-48 hrs. Holidays may delay our response. Sales support is not possible on every weekend.

Is there telephone support?

We do not offer telephone support. In our experience, the written record created by a text-based ticketing system solves problems efficiently and effectively, and archives those solutions for future reference in a way that telephone conversations cannot.

Will you teach me how to make the most of the WPready Platform features?

Yes! We’re committed to your success. The WPready Platform has many world-class services included. Each of them has their own Knowledge Bases, walk-throughs, and tutorial videos that show you how to use each feature of the Platform with simple, step-by-step instructions.

And, should you need to learn WordPress from a newbie level, We have included WP101 Tutorials in all the Packages for you to start learning WordPress. We wish you become an expert in WordPress and we are here to help you in your endeavor.

Is there a forum for WPready customers?

All WPready customers have access to a support portal through the WPready account portal.

How do I migrate from an existing site or host?

Our team will move your website to WPready platform with 100% uptime. Migration, de-hacking, and site clean-ups are professional services included in WPUltimate Package and that can be requested via our 24/7/365 Support Desk.

Migrating from your existing WordPress site may be as simple as an export/import process into WPready. On the other hand, if you run a larger, more customized site, you may need a little more help, so play it safe and contact Support for our review and advice.

Can I sell physical products with WPready Platform?

With WPready Platform the possibilities are unlimited. You can virtually sell any goods or services, including professional services and consulting, as well as direct digital sales (ebooks, online training, membership sites, consulting/coaching, classes/events).

You just need to choose a suitable WordPress e-commerce theme from among the best of e-commerce themes offered at WPReady and setup your online shop.

Do I need a domain name right away?

No, it’s totally up to you when you move your WPready site onto your own domain. When you start with WPready, you’re given a “preview site” where you can build your site and get a feel for the entire service. Then, when you’re ready, you can deploy your site live on your own domain.

What CDN provider do you use?

Our CDN services are provided via our partner MaxCDN. (Formerly called NetDNA).

Where are your CDN servers located?

MaxCDN’s network is comprised of servers located all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. You can find more information about their data center locations on their page here.

Why are my CDN URL’s different than my domain name?

Normally your URL paths would be something similar to:


With a CDN enabled, they become:

This is because those static assets are now loading from a third party server, rather than the same server where your WordPress site is hosted. If you’d like, the “” part of the URL can be changed to a custom CDN URL such as To do so, you’ll just need to setup a CNAME in your DNS Zone that points your custom subdomain to the default CDN URL, then contact support to let us know. We’ll then make the required updates on our end. If you’ve activated CDN from your user portal, you will see your default CDN URL there. Setting up a custom CDN URL is optional; you can leave your CDN URL as its default if you wish.

What content is served by the CDN?

By default, we serve all the static assets located in your wp-content folder from CDN. We also serve assets which appear like dynamic PHP content but are in fact static files like CSS, JS, and images. This includes thumbnailing systems, minification plugins, and similar. Core files are also served from CDN. If you have static assets you’d like served from the CDN that are stored outside the wp-content folder, please contact support with the path to the directory or file and we will include it for you.
Content not being found and delivered by CDN
Our script automatically rewrites your site’s assets to use the CDN URL once activated. Though there are some circumstances when our script will not catch the URL. These can include:

1. A direct URL inside a CSS file. This is a link that uses a full URL For example,… as opposed to a path only i.e. /image.gif” or “image.gif”. For our rewrite to work properly, paths in your CSS code need to be relative and not use full URLs, because we don’t search/replace inside CSS. You can edit the CSS code to use the CDN domain, but it’s best to structure your CSS code so all URLs are relative. This will help ensure compatibility overall, rather than just with CDN.

2. Javascript which calls back to the server or references assets on the server, especially if AJAX is producing new HTML. We can’t “see into” the Javascript process, and we don’t post-process AJAX requests.

How do I enable the CDN for my site?

To enable the CDN on your site, you’ll first log into the User Portal. Select the WordPress install that you wish to enable, and click on the CDN link on the left hand side. Then check the box for the domain that you wish to enable. The list for domains on which CDN can be enabled is generated from the list of domains that have been attached to your install. This list is found inside the Domains link just above the ‘CDN’ link in your user portal. There will not be any domains listed if your account does not include CDN support. If you’re on a personal plan and adding CDN access separately, contact support by opening a 24/7 Live Chat from within your User Portal, and we’ll get CDN enabled for your install.

Note: The CDN can take up to 10 minutes to configure and everything to clear through the cache, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the change right away. If after 10 minutes you’re still seeing issues, just let us know.

How does your Overage Pricing works?


The WPUltimate Package has a certain number of “visits” that they can receive every month. Since this plan is hosted with WPEngine. Its Overage Pricing applies to this Package. At WP Engine, we don’t ever claim that an account will be able to receive “unlimited” visitors, but instead, we set clear expectations about the service you will receive as a WP Engine user.

We never throttle customers or cut their sites off for getting a traffic spike. Traffic spikes are a great thing to happen to your site, and WP Engine wants to be your partner in that.

When your number of visits exceeds your plan limit (here’s how we count visits), we charge you a small overage of $1 for each 1,000 visitors over your limit. If your site gets on, and your site serves an additional 10,000 visitors over your plan limit, you’ll simply see an additional charge on your bill for $10.

This pricing model is affordable and ensures that you can continue to rest easy knowing that your site can handle lots of traffic without breaking the bank.

What is the Log Analysis?
The Log Analysis report is a report of the traffic to your site as determined by WP Engine’s definition of a visitor. The report goes into the type of traffic to your site: normal visitors, bots, feeds, and static visits. Also, the report provides you with the top URLs for each type of visitor.
How come Google says my traffic is different?
We understand there might be a discrepancy in traffic we are reporting compared to your analytics provider (Google, Clicky, etc). This is common, and we are happy to explain. For example, Google Analytics does not count pages that don’t have Google Analytics tracking code (e.g. your /wp-admin/), visitors not running javascript or running ad blockers, pages that don’t fully load, and non-HTML pages (such as your RSS feed, hot-linked images, etc).Keep in mind, any number of hits from a single IP address within a 24hr period is considered “a visit” and counts towards your plan’s visit allocation. Page views triggered by a “bot” do not count as a visit.
What if I consistently have more visitors than my plan allows?
The goal of your site should be to grow your visitors, and so that hopefully means you outgrow the plan you start with at WP Engine. If your site just barely exceeds your plan limits month-over-month, you’ll simply receive overage charges. However, once you pass a certain level of monthly visitors, it may make more sense to upgrade to the next plan.
What is a CDN?
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that makes your static content (images, CSS, Javascript) much faster. It’s a collection of servers located all around the world. When a browser loads static content, the request is automatically routed to a server physically closest to the browser. This makes the content load much faster. Because there are many servers everywhere, it also makes your site impervious to bursts of traffic, because the burst is spread out over literally hundreds of servers.
How do I enable a CDN?

Enabling a CDN is easy. Within, you can enable CDN if you are on a Professional or Business plan. All you need to do is navigate to the install you would like to enable it for, and locate “CDN” in the left menu. You can enable it there.If you are on a Personal plan, to enable the CDN, open a support ticket letting us know you would like the CDN enabled. Be sure to include the following:

  • the install you would like the CDN on
  • the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on file for you

With a Personal plan, you will see an added charge the next month for the CDN. If you are on a Professional or Business plan, the CDN is included in the cost of the plan, and you will not see an additional charge for the CDN.

I’d like to upgrade my plan, is this easily done?
You can easily upgrade to the next plan by opening a support ticket, explaining what plan you would like, how you would like to be billed (monthly or annually), and providing the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on file, and we will upgrade you to the next plan.
How am I going to get billed?
The overage will be charged to the card you have on file at your “month-iversary” (the day of the month your account was setup). It is quite possible you have prepaid for a full year. If this is true, you will still be charged monthly for overages. You will receive a receipt for the payment after you are charged.The charges will show up as “overage charges” on your monthly invoice. It’s a bit like if you went over your wireless bill for the month, you’d see overage charges on that.
What if I am on an annual payment plan?
If you are on an annual payment plan, you only receive a single charge per year for your subscription. In the case of overages for annual payment plans, we’ll charge your account for the month(s) that your traffic was in excess of your plan.


EVERCACHE™ is a trade-marked caching services offered by our hosting provider WPEngine. The WP Engine EverCache system is also part of our “secret sauce,” and is often referenced as the most specialized server software linked with the internals of WordPress. EverCache serves common pages (such as home pages and feeds), on average, 4-6 times faster, than other, non-WP Engine servers. EverCache is fully integrated into our WordPress environment (via a system plugin), so cache is intelligently and automatically refreshed as needed, and can optionally be controlled and purged by the user at any time. Because of WP Engine’s EverCache, there is no need for site owners or developers to manage caching plugins. WP Engine takes care of that for you. Additionally, special caching rules can also be put in place by any member of our support team on an as-needed basis.

How often are backups performed?

We back up each WPready site nightly. Your backup is stored for seven days — this includes both staging and live sites — and we can help you restore a backup if any data loss occurs. Know more about the Backup services here

Should I worry about hackers or other malicious users?

The WPready's back-end technology constantly monitors and defends against attacks in a way that normal web hosts do not. Plus, we work with our security partner, Sucuri to ensure your site is as protected as possible and problems are eradicated as they pop up. Here you can know more about our SECURITY ENVIRONMENT

Any other questions?

We have a team of friendly WPready Team of experts ready to answer your questions. Just send us an email at


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