How Do You Get Started?

Hi there! I’m Ashish Chowdhury and I’ve been working in the web development industry for over 14 years. I’ve started several successful businesses and I love helping folks, just like you, start and grow a web development business of their own. I wrote these courses with one specific goal: to help you get your first client.

How do you create great clients?

Shatter the Myth

Contrary to what most people believe, clients are hardly interested in the hours you work on their project. They are far more interested in the value you create for their business.

First Interection

So when you are dealing with a potential client you need to know how to convey and show value to them in order to secure the sale, but here is the catch: The value delivery starts at the first point of contact, not when the project begins.

Our Training

We teach you exactly how to do this in a way that won’t hurt your business and will also allow you to serve more and better clients than you think possible.

Who Is This Platform For?

I wrote this course with beginners in mind – folks with little to no prior experience in web development or even with technology. If you’re a beginner and you’re willing to learn, then this course is a perfect match for you. The course starts out slow and at each step I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you have to help you keep moving along.

I also wrote this course for people with prior experience who are looking for a fresh start. Perhaps you’ve worked in the web development industry before and now you want to branch out on your own. With the beginner focus the course will start out slow for you, but give you opportunity to review and make sure that the basics are covered. Then, as we get into the new client strategies, you’ll find a lot to work with and I also highly encourage you to reach out and ask questions as you go along.

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

So Let’s Get Started!

Here’s what I have for you in this free course:

  • An overview of the tools and resources you’ll need to begin.
  • step-by-step guide to building a WordPress-powered website for your new web development business – even if you’ve had no prior experience.
  • 15+ specific strategies for getting your first web development client.
  • The four steps to taking a potential client from an interest to a sale.
  • A bonus list of the resources and tools I use to run and grow my freelance business.

Learn The Art & Science of WordPress today!

About the Author: Ashish Chowdhury is a Chartered Accountant and an Online Business Consultant. Today he leads business development at WPready, a fast growing agency that offers WordPress engineering for Freelancers and Agencies as well as to enterprises.