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How would you like an extra $100-$300+ per client every month? If your WordPress development, design or marketing business isn?t offering a WordPress site maintenance package you?re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Give your clients peace of mind and spare them the horror they would suffer if left to their own devices, all while establishing yourself as their go-to, one-stop web solution. It?s a win-win!

If you?re thinking, ?sounds amazing, but I don?t got time for that?, don?t worry. In this post I?m going show you how you can add WordPress maintenance to your business using automation and partnerships with 3rd-party services. We?ll also look at how to price your services and manage your costs so you can earn a healthy profit. If you?re looking to increase your bottom line, this is for YOU.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing maintenance services is an ideal way to get started with value-based pricing. With value-based pricing, you?re not tying your pricing to your hourly rate, but what your client receives in return. This allows you to charge a higher rate.

More money sounds great, right? So what?s the catch?

Charge What You?re Worth: A Guide to Increasing Freelance Rates

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What do you have to lose?

Well, being able to prove how much value you?re bringing can be difficult to communicate. When you?re building a fresh site, you can?t predict with certainty how your talents will benefit the business, but with maintenance services, it is a whole different story.

If you know how much their site makes per day or per month, you can turn your clients? focus on what they could lose if their site goes down, which can be a lot depending on how much their site makes.

For example, a site that makes $500 per day can lose thousands if it is down for several days. Within that context, paying several hundred dollars a month to protect the site makes sense. It?s like insurance.

Screenshot of the WPMU DEV Hub
The Hub is full of tools for automating site management.

Communicating how you add value by protecting their site on an ongoing basis is essential. When you offer maintenance services, make sure you send ongoing reports on the status of their site, so your client will take notice of your behind-the-scenes efforts. The Hub can help you with this.

Work work work work work

When your site maintenance fee is no longer tied to how much time you spend, you can create time-saving shortcuts that will benefit your bottom line. Ain?t that nifty? You get rewarded for becoming more efficient.

  • You can maximize your profits by only offering services that return high value for minimal manual work.
  • Create processes and checklists so you can work quickly.
  • If you have to complete a task on an ongoing basis, you should look for ways to automate it so you can save time.

How to Take Full Advantage of WordPress Automation

How to Set Up Your WordPress Maintenance Service

Doing the Work in House

If you want to maximize revenue and take full responsibility for your clients? sites, you?re going to need some tools and/or plugins to help you get the job done.

To keep your costs down, remember the following:

  • Automate everything (well, almost everything)
  • Choose tools and plugins that do not charge you a license per site
  • Avoid hosts/services that charge an additional fee for ecommerce or multisite

Tips for Managing Multiple Websites for Multiple Clients

WPMU DEV gives you all the tools you need to start your own WordPress maintenance business included with your membership.

Everything You Need to Start Your WordPress Maintenance BizStart Your FREE Trial

Not only does WPMU DEV offer you everything above without restrictions on number of sites, ecommerce or multisite, but you also get access to a wealth of additional plugins, our top-notch support team, member forums, The Hub, white label reporting, and more.

Screenshot of WPMU DEV home page, use on unlimited sites
You know who doesn?t charge you an additional fee for additional site licenses? Devman

WordPress Maintenance Services to Offer Your Clients

To provide a full-service website solution, here?s some website maintenance services you can offer your clients.

Scheduled Cloud Backups

Even if the host your client is using already does backups, you really should have backups in multiple places. Snapshot Pro makes this easy. offer automated daily backups as a precaution to protect your site. If your host doesn?t offer daily backups or if you want to create a backup in a different place, you can use a plugin like Snapshot Pro to schedule automated backups.

Having a reliable backup is critical and redundant back-ups protect against both user and technical error.

Plus, not all backups are clean. If a site was hacked and no one noticed for awhile, all the backups might have nefarious files. This is something that you prevent by keeping clean copies.

Security Scans

Speaking of hacking, actively seeking out vulnerabilities will show you what needs to be improved. There?s plugins that can scan your site for known vulnerabilities and return a list of suggested improvements.

Defender runs automated security scans and sends you vulnerability reports and safety recommendations that you can pass along to your client.

This can also open up the opportunity for you to suggest necessary changes to your clients that can bring in more revenue for you.

Safe Updates

While WordPress makes it easy to automate plugin, theme and core updates, you need to make sure the update doesn?t wreck your site. You need to be able to test updates on a staging site and see how the update affects critical functionality.

Setting up a staging environment can be sort of a hassle, so choosing a host that offers this is the best way to go.

A staging environment is also helpful for testing new features. If you already went through the trouble of setting up a staging environment for updates, you can let your clients know that you can test changes to their site as well. This should give you the opportunity to do some custom development that you can bill at your hourly rate.

Uptime Monitoring

A site that is periodically down loses its credibility in the eyes of visitors and search engines. Sometimes your visitors will let you know there is a problem and other times, they might go to your competition.

This is why monitoring uptime is so important. Sending your clients an Uptime monitoring report can show them that you?re making sure their site is available at all times so they don?t miss a sale.

Decluttering Databases

Think of cleaning up your database like a pre-move garage sale. The less you have, the easier it is to move.

Decluttering your database will allow backups to happen faster and use fewer resources which may save you a bunch on hosting.

Deleting unused plugins, unused themes, spam comments, excessive post revisions, unused tags/categories, processed form entries, unused images manually or with cleanup plugins will give you better site performance.

Not to mention that deleting unused plugins and themes prevents hacking through outdated files.

Optimization Reports

As I mentioned earlier, reports are a valuable tool to help you communicate your value to your clients. Some valuable optimization reports can focus on SEO, site speed and performance, and analytics.

Look for reports that you can automate and white label for maximum efficiency.

That?s All Folks

You?ll find that offering maintenance services will allow you to build better relationships with your clients and do more ongoing work on their sites.

WPMU DEV can be your partner as you grow your maintenance business. All of these services are included in your WPMU DEV membership:

  • Automatic Cloud Backups in multiple locations
  • White label Reports
  • Hosting
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security, SEO, and performance optimization
  • The Hub site manager
  • and much, much more

You can get more value out of your membership and start your maintenance business today without taking on additional costs. It?s a smart move on your part and will allow you to deliver the peace of mind that your clients need.